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Geometric street art from EC13 in Granada, Spain.

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‘Tautochronos’ : Photography by Michel Lamoller

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Series from Farewell Show 2014

Yupo paper and sumi ink

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Really enjoying this sultry image by Brooklyn illustrator Rachel Levit this #lazysunday evening. 

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Aron Filkey
Look As If, 2014

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composite post: the About Ducks comic

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"Scram" is a self-published zine by Australia-based photographer Lloyd Stubber (previously interviewed here). The 28 page full colour publication documents his first year Melbourne. “I am prone at getting myself into strange situations, whether that is due to my good or bad luck is beyond me.”

While “Scram” was released back in 2011, Llyod Stubber is currently busy as editor-in-chief of Bloom Publishing and has made several other zines since then.

Get a copy here. Check out more publication reviews at our bookshelf.


Kiyoshi Awazu, poster artwork for A new spirit in Japan, Juraku, 1970s.

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